By blending 30 years of experiences in fast freezing aquatic and marine product, in particular: purchasing, marketing, manufacturing and processing, Aevin Chiu and Ng Lai co-founded Jintown Enterprise Limited in 1993. The company is specialized in importation and exportation of its field and becomes one of the leading providers of high quality aquatic and marine product in private labels and its own brand — 'Jintown' in the Asia Pacific Region.

Jintown emphasizes the importance of teamwork and quality: in partnering with reputable aquatic farms, stringent quality control guidelines, high sanitary manufacturing condition, innovative equipments and efficient logistic procurement backed with quality and multi-disciplinary approach form a solidly linked chain makes for an increasing rapid pace.

The complementary of experiences, many disciplines and quality measurements covered has proven to be crucial to success and a great advantage in international competition. Jintown is unified by the continuity of its activities through:

  • Applying its manifold experiences and technological know how available in assisting in design and monitoring the manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Using multiple measuring systems equipped to ensure "hygienic and safe" operations which proved rapid growth in yield, efficiency and quality
  • Partnering with large and reputable aquatic farms in Asia Pacific to provide steady supply of competitive pricing products
  • Staffed by trained quality control teams in different facilities on both sides of the Atlantic, keeping in close measuring and monitoring on daily online farming and manufacturing process, provide strong resources for quality products on weight and uniformity
  • Stringent quality control to compliance with the high sanitary standards of The States, EU and China.
  • Providing prompt logistic procurement and after sales servicing

We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our customers and the companies we cooperate with. We do this through the commitment of our extraordinary people, professionalism and service.

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